Why Practice Public Relations?

  • Positive press raises awareness, builds a strong reputation and increases credibility in the marketplace
  • Public exposure brings new business opportunities
  • Cost of sales declines over time as a result of PR success
  • PR positions individuals as industry experts and companies as market leaders
  • Announcing the availability of new products sets the stage for sales
  • When a company seeks new direction, PR can change or reposition its public perception
  • Proactive communication can prevent or diffuse a potential crisis
  • PR generates publicity that attracts, retains and motivates employees, customers and partners
  • Integrated PR improves the ROI and effectiveness of advertising or direct mail campaigns



Rules to Communicate By

  • Have a plan with an objective — even if it is just an informal meeting
  • Be honest — if you don't know, or can't disclose certain information, it is OK to say so.
  • Speak the language of your people
  • Know who your people are
  • Treat everything as "on the record" — even if someone tells you otherwise
  • Shorter is usually better
  • Sooner rather than later
  • Less can be a lot more, and more can sometimes be trouble
  • Respect your customer's wishes when giving examples
  • It pays to be patient



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